President's Message

Dear Resident, Business, and Community Member,

On behalf of the Pomona Police Officers’ Association, please allow me to thank our community, which we proudly serve, for your ongoing support. The PPOA Board of representatives is dedicated to representing the membership in a professional and compassionate manner. The PPOA Board is responsible for continuing the philanthropy it is best known for and that we are all so passionate about. We also encourage an open dialogue with all community members to reinforce the fantastic relationship that our past representatives have already fostered.

The Pomona Police Officers’ Association continues to support many community programs and youth organizations through our charitable donations. We have always taken great pride in the fact that the men and women of the membership keep our community safe for its residents, schools, and businesses. We understand this can only be accomplished through the partnerships we have developed in our community and with the participation of community leaders. We believe it is these relationships and partnership that make the City of Pomona great place to live, work, and play.

The Pomona Police Officers’ Association currently has 135 sworn officers and all are an excellent representation of our community. We are also proud of the support as well as the valued relationships we have fostered with our local, state, and federal representatives. If you would like to help the PPOA in our efforts to provide for our community please reach out and Help Us or Click here for more information about our charitable work. We thank you for ongoing support of the Pomona Police Officers’ Association and please stay safe.